Multi-functional VIP room


EXQUISITE CUISINE These four elegant and classy VIP rooms – Wind, Tide, Cloud, and Star with 90 ping of area are multi-purpose conference venues. They provide you with a private space for business conferences, dining, birthday banquets, and more. The overall style of these rooms are designed with marine elements to present you a rich feast at Discovery Hotel.
Full Day
Opening Hour: 06:30-21:30
Full Day
The minimum charge for booking a section is NT$15,000 for Wind and Star Hall and NT$18,000 for Tide and Cloud Hall.
Full Day
Professional teams will organize the best plans for you. Please call for site survey reservation.
LOCATION Location Hotel 2nd floor
RESERVATION Exclusive reservation service phone number:+886 6 923-5699
WONDERFUL GOOD MEMORY In this surprising trip of discovery
We hope you to return home laden with good memories
Together with the beautiful landscape of Ju Island. They will remain in your memories forever