Explore extreme taste buds. FULL DAY RESTAURANT

Chenchen serves famous Cantonese cuisines with hand pick fresh ingredients.  Serving dim sum, classical dishes and Chinese banquet cuisines.  Our private VIP rooms merging Island style design for catering event or meeting.  In the restaurant is the most ideal location for private gatherings, where you can bask in the harbor sunshine or enjoy the magnificent night view.

Chenchen Lounge
Explore affectionate drinking. Chenchen Lounge

Based on Island to Island winery delicacy, including exquisite local-brewed wines and juice from Mazu, Kinmen, Penghu, Green Island and Liuqiu in the majority. Drink it with special cuisine cooked in south pacific style upon spending time enjoying the comfortable and charming ocean landscapes.

Multifunction VIP Hall
Explore nights where time stops. Multifunction VIP Hall It includes a venue map and conference projects.

These four elegant and classy VIP rooms – Wind, Tide, Cloud, and Star with 90 ping of area are multi-purpose conference venues. They provide you with a private space for business conferences, dining, birthday banquets, and more. The overall style of these rooms are designed with marine elements to present you a rich feast at Discovery Hotel. 

Explore important moments of life. BANQUET AND WEDDING It includes a venue map and conference projects.

Turtle Hall A & B are huge banquet halls with elevated ceilings. Occupying 2900 ping of green land in the park and natural sunlight, the blue waves in different shades present you with a special wedding on the most beautiful beach. It is the latest, the most romantic, and the best wedding venue for couples overseas.