Chenchen Lounge


EXQUISITE CUISINE Based on Island to Island winery delicacy, including exquisite local-brewed wines and juice from Mazu, Kinmen, Penghu, Green Island and Liuqiu in the majority. Drink it with special cuisine cooked in south pacific style upon spending time enjoying the comfortable and charming ocean landscapes.
Full Day
April-August 10:00-22:00
Full Day
There's minimum drinking charge applied to Chen Chen Lounge.
Full Day
September - March 11:30-21:00
Full Day
LOCATION Location On the 2F inside the hotel with the capacity of 56 seats.
RESERVATION Exclusive reservation service phone number:+886 6 923-5678*2213
WONDERFUL GOOD MEMORY In this surprising trip of discovery
We hope you to return home laden with good memories
Together with the beautiful landscape of Ju Island. They will remain in your memories forever